Exhibition of Young Art in Prague – POKOJE 2023

Prague, November 11th – 19th, 2023

Room 3 – I fear national colors
The fear caused by eagles and the colors of blood and peace is the fear I have to face when
representing Poland at the exhibition in Prague. In a screaming country of division and protest, I have
to stand in front of the mirror as a Pole and find my way in contemporary Central and Eastern
My mother cried with emotion when people went to the capital to protest, my grandfather swore
under his breath and my father swore in his face. Rainbows and flares were set on fire and white and
red balloons escaped from children’s hands. Some are screaming, others are screaming, the whites
are screaming and the reds are screaming, and I stand and watch them tear me apart. Like a carp fish
sulking over vodka on Christmas Eve about the referendum, abortions and too Ukrainian borscht
I didn’t go to the march because I’m afraid of crowds of people. I don’t like monuments and
worshiping murderers and songs that lead to slaughter. Outside the embassy I heard shouting „Slava
Ukraini! Gerojom slava!”, similar to the chant „Honour and glory to the heroes!”, which I had a fascist
connotation. The aggression against Ukraine and their great faith and attachment to the nation made
me realize that I don’t know what kind of Pole I am. Probably torn.
By creating a room, we want to evoke in the recipient a sensory feeling of anxiety, on the one hand,
overwhelm, uncertainty, claustrophobia, and getting lost in the crowd of protesting people. The
colors white and red symbolize citizens living in the same place who, although they do not differ, are
separated from each other. They represent such opposing views that they are unable to enter into
relationships with someone with completely different views. The sound of the protest is intended to
arouse a feeling of impending threat, and the multitude of materials touching the body is intended to
emphasize the involvement of people in the protest against people.

Room 4 – Dream Room
Creating a place where, thanks to the use of technology, light will emphasize that what we feel is
subject to constant modulation, and when moving in specific environments, we constantly adapt to
the changing levels of light that penetrate them, consciously or unconsciously. This is a place that the
longer we observe, the more we notice. A place where we discover infinitely many solutions. These
solutions, tests and searches are combined into a geometric whole. They show that what we
perceive is momentary, changeable – dependent on observation. The ephemeral nature of the works
consists in the momentary presence of light, which, depending on the direction and interaction,
creates shapes on the surface that change over time. It is a process that develops not only visual
perception, but also internal and symbolic perception. Light allows the exploration of ephemeral
phenomena of reality.
A room to breathe from the claustrophobic space in Room 1.
A room of rest, spaciousness and reflection. Place to escape from reality. Oasis